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Educational TV And Talk Show

The Educational Talk Show/project will take place to bring awareness to the community of small businesses and non-profit organizations.  

       It is important for people in our community to share ideas with our youth to inspire them to do their best and be the best that they can be.  The content of the information will bring an understanding of the world in which we live. The knowledge and understanding which people gain of the world comes from the ability to effectively conceive of it. 

Dr. Karen’s Educational TV Show is inspired to uplift early childhood educators/daycare providers/business owners as an opportunity to promote their business.  It is important that we assist parents in building the gap in their children’s lives and being the village to help shape our children today.  Dr. Karen’s Educational TV Show will be used as a platform to have positive educational conversations to strengthen any community and for parents’ guidance.

Parents will be able to have a better understanding of what to expect of educational services for their children and to receive support on making the best decisions for their families.  In addition to all of this, we will recognize parents with their tips and ideas on “How to Keep Their Houses in Order for Learning” and “How to Continue Being the First Teachers to Their Children.   Dr. Karen’s Educational TV Show needs to be developed at this time due to the importance of distance learning as a key factor in lowering spikes of the coronavirus, which will help educate the community with a plethora of knowledge.   

At this time, we will film weekly shows with special guests of business owners and parents.  Eventually,  we will plan seminars/conferences…Our ultimate goal is to have a Virtual Educational Brunch and Award Show which will be planned for in the future to celebrate business owners and parents.  

Also, we want to recognize our educational businesses and parents with prizes and gifts to keep them encouraged with outside support of businesses and leaders.  

 This is my prayer and vision that God gave me for my mission during this time of need.
Dr. Karen Dukes

Dukesway Educational Services

Talk Show Coming Soon!

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